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TODO for the python3 test suite:

* test_float
   nan = float('nan');  assert nan in [nan]
   This has always been true in CPython, it is now guaranteed that the
   containers use the "is" operator as an optimization.
   Difficult in pypy because optimized containers are arrays of
   unwrapped doubles. A possible solution is to special-case nan in

* test_memoryview
   Needs bytes/str changes. Probably easy. Work for this has begun on
   py3k-memoryview (by mjacob)

* test_pep263
   Tracebacks should be able to print unicode source code. This is
   really due to the tokenizer not being fully unicode aware. The
   parser can somewhat hack around this but maybe not completely

* test_sys
* test_threading:
   Missing sys.getswitchinterval().
   We would be interesting to implement the new thread switching
   logic, it's a lot of work though.


* module/test_lib_pypy
  These crash the buildbots (via SyntaxErrors): others were really
  made to run under Python 2.x and so simply fail

* module.cpyext.test.test_structseq test_StructSeq
  structseq now subclasses tuple on py3, which breaks how
  BaseCpyTypeDescr.realize allocates it

* module.marshal.test.test_marshal
  Handling of exceptions w/ bad data? Or is the test wrong?

* objspace.std.test.test_floatobject test_from_string
  The unicode-based number parsing routines don't raise UnicodeErrors,
  but more importantly they raise unprintable exceptions

antocuni's older TODO:

run coverage against the parser/astbuilder/astcompiler: it's probably full of
dead code because the grammar changed

re-enable IntDictStrategy

re-enable StdObjSpace.listview_str

re-enable the kwargs dict strategy in
re-enable view_as_kwargs

unskip numpypy tests in module/test_lib_pypy/numpypy/

optimize W_UnicodeObject, right now it stores both an unicode and an utf8
version of the same string

re-enable BUILD_LIST_FROM_ARG: see the comment in astcompiler/ in