pypy / pypy / module / _io /

from pypy.interpreter.mixedmodule import MixedModule

class Module(MixedModule):

    appleveldefs = {

    interpleveldefs = {
        'DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE': 'space.wrap(interp_iobase.DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE)',
        'BlockingIOError': 'interp_io.W_BlockingIOError',
        '_IOBase': 'interp_iobase.W_IOBase',
        '_RawIOBase': 'interp_iobase.W_RawIOBase',
        '_BufferedIOBase': 'interp_bufferedio.W_BufferedIOBase',
        '_TextIOBase': 'interp_textio.W_TextIOBase',

        'FileIO': 'interp_fileio.W_FileIO',
        'BytesIO': 'interp_bytesio.W_BytesIO',
        'StringIO': 'interp_stringio.W_StringIO',
        'BufferedReader': 'interp_bufferedio.W_BufferedReader',
        'BufferedWriter': 'interp_bufferedio.W_BufferedWriter',
        'BufferedRWPair': 'interp_bufferedio.W_BufferedRWPair',
        'BufferedRandom': 'interp_bufferedio.W_BufferedRandom',
        'TextIOWrapper': 'interp_textio.W_TextIOWrapper',

        'open': '',
        'IncrementalNewlineDecoder': 'interp_textio.W_IncrementalNewlineDecoder',

    def shutdown(self, space):
        # at shutdown, flush all open streams.  Ignore I/O errors.
        from pypy.module._io.interp_iobase import get_autoflusher
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