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pypy / pypy / rlib / rstackovf.py

import sys
from pypy.rlib.objectmodel import we_are_translated

# RPython raises StackOverflow instead of just RuntimeError when running
# out of C stack.  We need some hacks to support "except StackOverflow:"
# in untranslated code too.  This StackOverflow has a strange shape in
# order to be special-cased by the flow object space (it is replaced by
# the class StackOverflow).

class StackOverflow(RuntimeError):
    """Out of C stack."""

# rename the variable, but the name of the class is still StackOverflow
_StackOverflow = StackOverflow

# replace StackOverflow with this, which works in untranslated code too
StackOverflow = ((RuntimeError, RuntimeError),)

def check_stack_overflow():
    if we_are_translated():
    # before translation, an "except StackOverflow" includes all RuntimeErrors,
    # including NotImplementedError.  Special-case them.
    e, v, _ = sys.exc_info()
    if e is not RuntimeError or 'recursion' not in str(v):