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pypy / pypy / rlib / signature.py

from pypy.annotation import types

def signature(*paramtypes, **kwargs):
    """Decorate a function to specify its type signature.

      @signature(param1type, param2type, ..., returns=returntype)
      def foo(...)

    The arguments paramNtype and returntype should be instances
    of the classes in pypy.annotation.types.
    returntype = kwargs.pop('returns', None)
    if returntype is None:
        raise TypeError, "signature: parameter 'returns' required"

    def decorator(f):
        f._signature_ = (paramtypes, returntype)
        return f
    return decorator

def finishsigs(cls):
    """Decorate a class to finish any method signatures involving types.self().

    This is required if any method has a signature with types.self() in it.
    # A bit annoying to have to use this, but it avoids performing any
    # terrible hack in the implementation.  Eventually we'll offer signatures
    # on classes, and then that decorator can do this on the side.
    def fix(sigtype):
        if isinstance(sigtype, types.SelfTypeMarker):
            return types.instance(cls)
        return sigtype
    for attr in cls.__dict__.values():
        if hasattr(attr, '_signature_'):
            paramtypes, returntype = attr._signature_
            attr._signature_ = (tuple(fix(t) for t in paramtypes), fix(returntype))
    return cls