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Project Documentation

:doc:`architecture <architecture>` gives a complete view of PyPy's basic design.

:doc:`coding guide <coding-guide>` helps you to write code for PyPy (especially also describes coding in RPython a bit).

:doc:`sprint reports <sprint-reports>` lists reports written at most of our sprints, from 2003 to the present.

:doc:`papers, talks and related projects <extradoc>` lists presentations and related projects as well as our published papers.

:doc:`PyPy video documentation <video-index>` is a page linking to the videos (e.g. of talks and introductions) that are available.

:doc:`Technical reports <index-report>` is a page that contains links to the reports that we submitted to the European Union.

:doc:`development methodology <dev_method>` describes our sprint-driven approach.

:source:`LICENSE` contains licensing details (basically a straight MIT-license).

:doc:`glossary` of PyPy words to help you align your inner self with the PyPy universe.

Source Code Documentation

:doc:`object spaces <objspace>` discusses the object space interface and several implementations.

:doc:`bytecode interpreter <interpreter>` explains the basic mechanisms of the bytecode interpreter and virtual machine.

:doc:`interpreter-optimizations` describes our various strategies for improving the performance of our interpreter, including alternative object implementations (for strings, dictionaries and lists) in the standard object space.

dynamic-language translation is a paper that describes the translation process, especially the flow object space and the annotator in detail. (This document is one of the :doc:`EU reports <index-report>`.)

:doc:`parser <parser>` contains (outdated, unfinished) documentation about the parser.

:doc:`configuration documentation <config/index>` describes the various configuration options that allow you to customize PyPy.

:doc:`command line reference <commandline_ref>`

:doc:`directory cross-reference <dir-reference>`