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What's new in PyPy 2.5+

issue2005: ignore errors on closing random file handles while importing a module (cpython compatibility)

issue2013: added constants to _ssl for TLS 1.1 and 1.2

issue2014: Add PyLong_FromUnicode to cpyext.

issue2017: On non-Linux-x86 platforms, reduced the memory impact of creating a lot of greenlets/tasklets. Particularly useful on Win32 and on ARM, where you used to get a MemoryError after only 2500-5000 greenlets (the 32-bit address space is exhausted).

Update gdb_pypy for python3 (gdb comatability)

Merged rstrategies into rpython which provides a library for Storage Strategies

Support unicode strings in numpy.dtype creation i.e. np.dtype(u'int64')

Various rpython cleanups for vmprof support

issue2019: Fix isspace as called by rpython unicode.strip()

issue2023: In the cpyext 'Concrete Object Layer' API, don't call methods on the object (which can be overriden), but directly on the concrete base type.

issue2029: Hide the default_factory attribute in a dict

issue2027: Better document pyinteractive and add --withmod-time

branch gc-incminimark-pinning-improve: Object Pinning is now used in bz2 and rzlib (therefore also affects Python's zlib). In case the data to compress/decompress is inside the nursery (incminimark) it no longer needs to create a non-moving copy of it. This saves one malloc and copying the data. Additionally a new GC environment variable is introduced (PYPY_GC_MAX_PINNED) primarily for debugging purposes.

branch refactor-pycall: Make *-unpacking in RPython function calls completely equivalent to passing the tuple's elements as arguments. In other words, f(*(a, b)) now behaves exactly like f(a, b).

branch issue2018: Allow prebuilt rpython dict with function values

Extend numpy dtypes to allow using objects with associated garbage collection hook

Add backend support for vmprof - a lightweight statistical profiler - to linux64, see client at

Add more detail to @jit.elidable and @jit.promote in rpython/rlib/