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Move the pypy trunk into its own top level directory so the path names
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hide more init functions
20.5 KB
shortcut through setitem_str when possible
72.0 KB
Enable(), disable()
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Moved the branch back into the trunk.
19.7 KB
Implement 'onerror' in exactly the same way as cffi on CPython
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merged default in
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In-progress: adapt PyPy to use the new rpython.rlib.rvmprof
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merge default
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hg merge default
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Use angular brackets on the artificial name
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Have a limited subset of "__pytrace__=1" work: dumping bytecodes as they
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For pypy translated without the _thread module: optimization
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issue #1442: protect against the little-sensical reload(sys) that
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issue #1259
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adapt to 2.7 from 3.3
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In-progress: adapt PyPy to use the new rpython.rlib.rvmprof
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fix typo
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fix translation
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Issue #2095: test and fix
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Uh, this class is defined in this very file now.
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Move signature back to the interpreter
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merge default
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Initial package rename:
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hg merge default
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simplify the code and kill @specialize.memo function that makes no sense any