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added missing __init__ file
4.1 KB
don't do one to two dict lookups per parsed character
1.7 KB
svn merge -r79225:HEAD svn+ssh://
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Finally get rid of the large code duplication (with bug reported even
13.3 KB
Killing the beast named autopath
12.4 KB
correct error
6.3 KB
add a start attribute to Grammar
7.9 KB
Fix copy/paste mistake.
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add print() function and print_function __future__
8.2 KB
I finally found how is generated.
7.4 KB
"coding:utf8" cookie: Don't read the second line if the first is not a comment.
1.7 KB
(benjamin, arigo)
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merge default
10.5 KB
don't recreate the fake endDFA every time