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Refactored our Test "Framework".
1.2 KB
random other cleanups
6.9 KB
5.2 KB
add a 'newline at end of file'
2.7 KB
create_cffi_import_libraries does not raise rather indicates which imports failed
2.0 KB
Small updates
2.9 KB
add a hackish tool to get build log diffs from the buildbot
910 B
Merged from trunk
3.2 KB
Removed the usage of RSocket as a mixin.
9.4 KB
Detect objects with h_tid==-42
4.5 KB
Killing the beast named autopath
2.9 KB
Killing the beast named autopath
1.2 KB
Update the importing tool
7.3 KB
random other cleanups
19.7 KB
Moved pypy.tool.algo to rpython
1.8 KB
(cfbolz, pedronis) - add a way to control isolated and DEBUG_DEFINES for the c backend and in theory other backend specific options
1.3 KB
Fixed isolate_slave
367 B
backout the merge of the 'vendor-rename' branch in 2ba4a1b917cb.
1.1 KB
random other cleanups
793 B
Don't use shutil and don't remove all files within __pycache__.
5.9 KB
random other cleanups
3.3 KB
Remove multimethod option and references to pypy.objspace.std.multimethod.
795 B
kill malloc_nonmovable - it turned out to be a bad idea to start with
73 B
a new program to debug
321 B
this provides a possibility to find out
1.9 KB
More 4-space indentation fixes.
1.9 KB
merge from trunk:
274 B
fix vanilla stdlib ref in stdlib___future__
1.3 KB
(Aquana) Merge split-rpython
1.4 KB
merge remove-list-smm, that removes two of ANY_ANY_ANY
1.7 KB
merge the more-unicode-improvements branch. changes: