pypy / _pytest /

""" discover and run doctests in modules and test files."""

import pytest, py
from py._code.code import TerminalRepr, ReprFileLocation

def pytest_addoption(parser):
    group = parser.getgroup("collect")
        action="store_true", default=False,
        help="run doctests in all .py modules",
        action="store", default="test*.txt", metavar="pat",
        help="doctests file matching pattern, default: test*.txt",

def pytest_collect_file(path, parent):
    config = parent.config
    if path.ext == ".py":
        if config.option.doctestmodules:
            return DoctestModule(path, parent)
    elif (path.ext in ('.txt', '.rst') and parent.session.isinitpath(path)) or \
        return DoctestTextfile(path, parent)

class ReprFailDoctest(TerminalRepr):
    def __init__(self, reprlocation, lines):
        self.reprlocation = reprlocation
        self.lines = lines
    def toterminal(self, tw):
        for line in self.lines:

class DoctestItem(pytest.Item):
    def repr_failure(self, excinfo):
        doctest = py.std.doctest
        if excinfo.errisinstance((doctest.DocTestFailure,
            doctestfailure = excinfo.value
            example = doctestfailure.example
            test = doctestfailure.test
            filename = test.filename
            lineno = test.lineno + example.lineno + 1
            message = excinfo.type.__name__
            reprlocation = ReprFileLocation(filename, lineno, message)
            checker = py.std.doctest.OutputChecker()
            REPORT_UDIFF = py.std.doctest.REPORT_UDIFF
            filelines = py.path.local(filename).readlines(cr=0)
            i = max(test.lineno, max(0, lineno - 10)) # XXX?
            lines = []
            for line in filelines[i:lineno]:
                lines.append("%03d %s" % (i+1, line))
                i += 1
            if excinfo.errisinstance(doctest.DocTestFailure):
                lines += checker.output_difference(example,
              , REPORT_UDIFF).split("\n")
                inner_excinfo = py.code.ExceptionInfo(excinfo.value.exc_info)
                lines += ["UNEXPECTED EXCEPTION: %s" %
                lines += py.std.traceback.format_exception(*excinfo.value.exc_info)
            return ReprFailDoctest(reprlocation, lines)
            return super(DoctestItem, self).repr_failure(excinfo)

    def reportinfo(self):
        return self.fspath, None, "[doctest]"

class DoctestTextfile(DoctestItem, pytest.File):
    def runtest(self):
        doctest = py.std.doctest
        failed, tot = doctest.testfile(
            str(self.fspath), module_relative=False,
            raise_on_error=True, verbose=0)

class DoctestModule(DoctestItem, pytest.File):
    def runtest(self):
        doctest = py.std.doctest
        if self.fspath.basename == "":
            module = self.config._conftest.importconftest(self.fspath)
            module = self.fspath.pyimport()
        failed, tot = doctest.testmod(
            module, raise_on_error=True, verbose=0,
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