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digraph jitdata {

    interpreter [label = "Interpreter", shape=box]
    jitstate [label = "JITState", shape=box]
    subgraph frames {
        frame0 [label = "           PC\nVirtualFrame 1", shape=box]
        frame1 [label = "\nVirtualFrame 2", shape=box]
        frame0 -> frame1 [label="back"]
        frame2 [label = "\nVirtualFrame 3", shape=box]
        frame1 -> frame2 [label="back"]
        frame3 [label = "...", color=white, shape=BUH]
        frame3 -> frame2 [label="back"]
    gvars [label = "list of green vars\n(GenConsts)", shape=box]
    rvars [label = "list of red vars\n(RedBox)", shape=box]
    bc [label = "bytecode", shape=box]
    interpreter -> jitstate
    jitstate -> frame0
    frame0 -> gvars
    frame0 -> rvars
    frame0 -> bc

    rvars -> ptrbox [label = "contains"]
    ptrbox [label = "PtrBox", shape=box]
    rvars -> intbox [label = "contains"]
    intbox [label = "IntBox", shape=box]
    container [label = "VirtualContainer", shape=box]
    ptrbox -> container [label = "content"]
    ptrbox -> genvarorconst0 [label= "genvar"];
    intbox -> genvarorconst1 [label= "genvar"];
    genvarorconst0 [label = "GenVarOrConst", shape=box]
    genvarorconst1 [label = "GenVarOrConst", shape=box]
    container -> ptrbox [label = "ownbox"]
    contentboxes [label = "list of content\n(boxes)", shape=box]
    container -> contentboxes [label = "contentboxes"]
    contentboxes -> box0 [label = "contains"]
    contentboxes -> box1 [label = "contains"]
    contentboxes -> box2 [label = "contains"]
    contentboxes -> box3 [label = "contains"]
    box0 [label = "RedBox", shape=box]
    box1 [label = "RedBox", shape=box]
    box2 [label = "RedBox", shape=box]
    box3 [label = "RedBox", shape=box]
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