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Papers, talks and related projects


Articles about PyPy published so far, most recent first: (bibtex file)

Non-published articles (only submitted so far, or technical reports):

Other research using PyPy (as far as we know it):

Previous work:

Talks and Presentations

Talks in 2010

Talks in 2009

Talks in 2008

Talks in 2007

Talks in 2006

  • Warsaw 2006.
  • Tokyo 2006.
  • PyPy's VM Approach talk, given by Armin Rigo at the Dynamic Languages Symposium at OOPSLA'06 (Portland OR), and by Samuele Pedroni at Intel Hillsboro (OR) (October). The talk presents the paper PyPy's approach to virtual machine construction accepted for the symposium.
  • PyPy Status talk, given by Samuele Pedroni at the Vancouner Python Workshop 2006 (August).
  • Trouble in Paradise: the Open Source Project PyPy, EU-funding and Agile Practices talk, by Bea During at Agile 2006 (experience report).
  • Sprint Driven Development, Agile Methodologies in a Distributed Open Source Project (PyPy) talk, by Bea During at XP 2006 (experience report).
  • Kill -1: process refactoring in the PyPy project talk, by Bea During at the Agile track/Europython 2006.
  • What can PyPy do for you, by Armin Rigo and Carl Friedrich Bolz given at EuroPython 2006. The talk describes practical usecases of PyPy.
  • PyPy 3000, a purely implementation-centered lightning talk at EuroPython 2006, given by Armin Rigo and Holger Krekel.
  • PyPy introduction at EuroPython 2006, given by Michael Hudson, also stating the status of the project.
  • Very similar to the EuroPython intro talk (but somewhat older) is the PyPy intro talk, given by Michael Hudson at ACCU 2006 (April)
  • PyPy development method talk, given by Bea During and Holger Krekel at Pycon2006

Talks in 2005

Talks in 2004

Talks in 2003