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The branch 'python-numpy' does not exist.
All the numpy python code has been imported into lib_pypy/numpy,
from a random version of numpy (git version fd15162 to be exact).

pypy has a builtin module called _numpypy that provides things like
ndarray, dtypes, ufuncs, and binfuncs. It has no linalg module, and
lots is missing or incomplete.

The strategy for completing this branch is:
1. Find missing functionality or a failing test 
2. Fix and test

And in more detail (asusming you already can run tests on untranslated pypy:
1a. download a nightly default branch version of pypy
1a. copy the pypy executable into pypy/bin
1c. update to this branch
1d. run 'pypy/bin/pypy -c "import numpy; numpy.test(verbose=2)"
2a. if the failure is pure python, update it on this branch.
2b. if the failure is deeper, the failing part of the test probably
    belongs in pypy/module/micronumpy/tests. Transplant the test there
    and submit a patch to pypy
Let us know you are planning to work on this, usually a note on IRC will be sufficient.

It may be possible to run on an untranslated pypy, the command line to do this is
python pypy/bin/pyinteractive.py --withmod-micronumpy --withmod-struct --withmod-binascii --withmod-itertools --withmod-rctime --withmod-signal
I didn't have much luck, even something as simple as 
>>>import numpy as np
>>>x = np.array([np.nan, np.inf])
>>>print x
failed, where a translated pypy succeeded, but ymmv

Matti Picus (mattip on IRC)