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pypy / How to run lib-python tests

How to run lib-python tests

1. Clone the pypy repository

hg clone

2. get the latest translated PyPy from the nightly build

3. run the failing test from inside a clone with a pre-built PyPy, e.g.:

$ ./pypy/ lib-python/2.7.0/test/ --pypy=/path/to/pypy-c

4. pick something you think you can fix

5. add an app level test that highlights the *specific* failure (that will be in somewhere like pypy/objspace/std/test/ )

6. running app level tests with py.test is fast - so you can see when you fix it. Running the test you have written (on top of CPython) will be a command like:

$ py/bin/py.test pypy/objspace/std/test/

7. *eventually* run a full translate so you can see that you didn't break pypy and if you really fixed the problem.