Line breaks are pretty much totally broken

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Anders Hovmöller
created an issue

Reproduction scenario on on OS X:

  • make a window very narrow (not necessary but makes this a lot simpler :P )
  • type a line until it breaks the line
  • now you have a slash at the end of the line you typed and your cursor moves to the next line, but it's directly below the slash!
  • the next character is now typed at the end of the second line, but the cursor doesn't move
  • the next character goes to the third(!) line, but the last character you typed isn't on screen at all!
  • keep typing and it gets worse!

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  1. Anders Hovmöller reporter

    From what I can tell the code in, line 295 and 298 is to blame. If I remove the appended slash there it behaves almost correctly, but it never writes anything on the rightmost column of the terminal.

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