Remi Meier avatar Remi Meier committed 89a1de5

add a constant to disable the madvise() nursery clearing for use with valgrind

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 C_FILES = et.c lists.c steal.c nursery.c gcpage.c \
           stmsync.c extra.c weakref.c dbgmem.c fprintcolor.c
 # note that we don't say -DNDEBUG, so that asserts should still be compiled in
 # also, all debug code with extra checks but not the debugprints
 build-%: %.c ${H_FILES} ${C_FILES} stmgc.c
-	gcc -pthread -DGC_NURSERY=0x10000  -D_GC_DEBUG=1 -g $< -o build-$* -Wall stmgc.c -lrt
+	gcc -pthread -DGC_NURSERY=0x10000 -D_USE_VALGRIND   -g $< -o build-$* -Wall stmgc.c -lrt
+# gcc address sanitizer: -fPIE -pie -fsanitize=address -lasan -fno-omit-frame-pointer
 debug-%: %.c ${H_FILES} ${C_FILES}
 	gcc -pthread -DDUMP_EXTRA=1 ${DEBUG} $< -o debug-$* -Wall ${C_FILES} -lrt
     char *baseaddr = base;
     assert(already_cleared <= size);
+#if !defined(_USE_VALGRIND)
     if (size > 2 * PAGE_SIZE) {
         int lowbits = ((intptr_t)baseaddr) & (PAGE_SIZE-1);
         if (lowbits) {   /*  clear the initial misaligned part, if any */
             size -= length;
     if (size > already_cleared) { /* clear the final misaligned part, if any */
         memset(baseaddr, 0, size - already_cleared);
     *d->nursery_nextlimit_ref += GC_NURSERY_SECTION;
     /* Return the object from there */
-    gcptr P = (gcptr)*d->nursery_current_ref;
+    gcptr P = (gcptr)(*d->nursery_current_ref);
     *d->nursery_current_ref += allocate_size;
     assert(*d->nursery_current_ref <= *d->nursery_nextlimit_ref);
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