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make functions static

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File c7/stm/weakref.c

-void _set_weakref_in_all_segments(object_t *weakref, object_t *value)
+static void _set_weakref_in_all_segments(object_t *weakref, object_t *value)
     ssize_t size = 16;
 /***** Minor collection *****/
-void stm_move_young_weakrefs()
+static void stm_move_young_weakrefs()
     /* The code relies on the fact that no weakref can be an old object
        weakly pointing to a young object.  Indeed, weakrefs are immutable
 /***** Major collection *****/
-void stm_visit_old_weakrefs(void)
+static void stm_visit_old_weakrefs(void)
     long i;
     for (i = 0; i < NB_SEGMENTS; i++) {

File c7/stm/weakref.h

-void stm_move_young_weakrefs(void);
-void stm_visit_old_weakrefs(void);
+object_t *stm_allocate_weakref(ssize_t size_rounded_up);
+static void stm_move_young_weakrefs(void);
+static void stm_visit_old_weakrefs(void);