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Apply these patches to llvm, svn revision 201645,
which you get from:

 svn co llvm -r 201645
 cd llvm/tools
 svn co clang -r 201645
 cd ../..
 cd llvm/projects
 svn co compiler-rt -r 201645
 cd ../..
 cd llvm
 patch -p0 < ~/.../c7/llvmfix/...diff
 # ^^^ repeat that line for all patches in this directory
 cd ..
 mkdir llvm-build
 cd llvm-build
 ../llvm/configure --enable-optimized      # requires gcc >= 4.7!
                   --disable-assertions    # optional


    This is just fixes for a couple of bugs.


    This is a workaround for the fact that llvm.memset doesn't support
    the address_space 256.  It's a workaround, because it also prevents
    some useful optimizations: for example replacing "x->a = 0; x->b =
    0;" with a single larger zeroing instruction.  In other words, it
    crashes only if an unpatched llvm introduce llvm.memset *and* this
    memset remains as a real function call in the end.


    This is a workaround for (what we believe to be) clang producing
    incorrectly the addrspacecast operation for this kind of code:

    static int a = 42;
    struct s1 { void __attribute__((address_space(256))) *a; };
    struct s1 fofo = { (void __attribute__((address_space(256))) *)(long)&a };