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2to3 / lib2to3 / fixes / fix_import.py

"""Fixer for import statements.
If spam is being imported from the local directory, this import:
    from spam import eggs
    from .spam import eggs

And this import:
    import spam
    from . import spam

# Local imports
from .. import fixer_base
from os.path import dirname, join, exists, sep
from ..fixer_util import FromImport, syms, token

def traverse_imports(names):
    Walks over all the names imported in a dotted_as_names node.
    pending = [names]
    while pending:
        node = pending.pop()
        if node.type == token.NAME:
            yield node.value
        elif node.type == syms.dotted_name:
            yield "".join([ch.value for ch in node.children])
        elif node.type == syms.dotted_as_name:
        elif node.type == syms.dotted_as_names:
            raise AssertionError("unkown node type")

class FixImport(fixer_base.BaseFix):

    PATTERN = """
    import_from< 'from' imp=any 'import' ['('] any [')'] >
    import_name< 'import' imp=any >

    def transform(self, node, results):
        imp = results['imp']

        if node.type == syms.import_from:
            # Some imps are top-level (eg: 'import ham')
            # some are first level (eg: 'import ham.eggs')
            # some are third level (eg: 'import ham.eggs as spam')
            # Hence, the loop
            while not hasattr(imp, 'value'):
                imp = imp.children[0]
            if self.probably_a_local_import(imp.value):
                imp.value = u"." + imp.value
            have_local = False
            have_absolute = False
            for mod_name in traverse_imports(imp):
                if self.probably_a_local_import(mod_name):
                    have_local = True
                    have_absolute = True
            if have_absolute:
                if have_local:
                    # We won't handle both sibling and absolute imports in the
                    # same statement at the moment.
                    self.warning(node, "absolute and local imports together")

            new = FromImport('.', [imp])
            new.prefix = node.prefix
            return new

    def probably_a_local_import(self, imp_name):
        imp_name = imp_name.split('.', 1)[0]
        base_path = dirname(self.filename)
        base_path = join(base_path, imp_name)
        # If there is no __init__.py next to the file its not in a package
        # so can't be a relative import.
        if not exists(join(dirname(base_path), '__init__.py')):
            return False
        for ext in ['.py', sep, '.pyc', '.so', '.sl', '.pyd']:
            if exists(base_path + ext):
                return True
        return False