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Issue #16642: Document kwargs field in sched.Event named tuple.

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    .. versionchanged:: 3.3
       *timefunc* and *delayfunc* parameters are optional.
    .. versionchanged:: 3.3
       :class:`scheduler` class can be safely used in multi-threaded
    Read-only attribute returning a list of upcoming events in the order they
    will be run.  Each event is shown as a :term:`named tuple` with the
-   following fields:  time, priority, action, argument.
+   following fields:  time, priority, action, argument, kwargs.
 function is allowed to modify the queue.  Time can be expressed as
 integers or floating point numbers, as long as it is consistent.
-Events are specified by tuples (time, priority, action, argument).
+Events are specified by tuples (time, priority, action, argument, kwargs).
 As in UNIX, lower priority numbers mean higher priority; in this
 way the queue can be maintained as a priority queue.  Execution of the
 event means calling the action function, passing it the argument
 sequence in "argument" (remember that in Python, multiple function
-arguments are be packed in a sequence).
+arguments are be packed in a sequence) and keyword parameters in "kwargs".
 The action function may be an instance method so it
 has another way to reference private data (besides global variables).
         """An ordered list of upcoming events.
         Events are named tuples with fields for:
-            time, priority, action, arguments
+            time, priority, action, arguments, kwargs
         # Use heapq to sort the queue rather than using 'sorted(self._queue)'.