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Get ready for releasing 3.0a2.
(Next: update the whatsnew docs.)

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File Include/patchlevel.h

 /* Version as a string */
-#define PY_VERSION		"3.0a1+"
+#define PY_VERSION		"3.0a2"
 /* Subversion Revision number of this file (not of the repository) */
 #define PY_PATCHLEVEL_REVISION  "$Revision$"
 What's New in Python 3.0a2?
+*Release date: 07-Dec-2007*
+(Note: this list is incomplete.)
 Core and Builtins
-This is Python version 3.0 alpha 1
+This is Python version 3.0 alpha 2
 For notes specific to this release, see RELNOTES in this directory.
 finally been removed.
 This is an ongoing project; the cleanup isn't expected to be complete
-until 2008.  In particular there are plans to reorganize the standard
-library namespace.
+until some time in 2008.  In particular there are plans to reorganize
+the standard library namespace.
 Release Schedule
 "What's New in Python 3.0" document.  Please help write it!
+What's New Since 3.0a1
+Undoubtedly the biggest change is in the bytes type: 'bytes' is now
+immutable, and there is a new mutable bytes type 'bytearray'.  These
+two types are interoperable in every way.  For more info on this
+issue, read PEP 3137.
+For a more detailed change log, read Misc/NEWS (though this file, too,
+is incomplete, and also doesn't list anything merged in from the 2.6
+release under development).
 Converting From Python 2.x to 3.0
 Please report bugs to
+Version 3.0a2 - Release Date 07-Dec-2007
+* SSL support is back!  However, the SSL code appears to be leaking
+  quite a bit.
+* Otherwise, the 3.0a1 release notes still apply, except hashlib no
+  longer requires openssl.
 Version 3.0a1 - Release Date 31-Aug-2007