Victor Stinner committed 85266c6 Draft

regrtest: give more information when a child process fails with an error
different than KeyboardInterrupt

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             args, kwargs = json.loads(a)
                 result = runtest(*args, **kwargs)
+            except KeyboardInterrupt:
+                result = INTERRUPTED, ''
             except BaseException as e:
-                result = INTERRUPTED, e.__class__.__name__
+                traceback.print_exc()
+                result = CHILD_ERROR, str(e)
             print()   # Force a newline (just in case)
                 if result[0] == INTERRUPTED:
-                    assert result[1] == 'KeyboardInterrupt'
-                    raise KeyboardInterrupt   # What else?
+                    raise KeyboardInterrupt
                 if result[0] == CHILD_ERROR:
                     raise Exception("Child error on {}: {}".format(test, result[1]))
                 test_index += 1
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