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    this argument is the empty string.
    If the *allow_fragments* argument is false, fragment identifiers are not
-   allowed, even if the URL's addressing scheme normally does support them.  The
-   default value for this argument is :const:`True`.
+   allowed.  The default value for this argument is :const:`True`.
    The return value is actually an instance of a subclass of :class:`tuple`.  This
    class has the following additional read-only convenience attributes:
    .. versionchanged:: 3.2
       Added IPv6 URL parsing capabilities.
+   .. versionchanged:: 3.3
+      The fragment is now parsed for all URL schemes (unless *allow_fragment* is
+      false), in accordance with :rfc:`3986`.  Previously, a whitelist of
+      schemes that support fragments existed.
 .. function:: parse_qs(qs, keep_blank_values=False, strict_parsing=False, encoding='utf-8', errors='replace')