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Chris Jerdonek  committed e100d34 Draft Merge

Merge from 3.2: Issue #15324: Fix regrtest --fromfile, --match, --randomize.

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  • Parent commits 1e35d1f, b2cd126
  • Branches 3.3

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File Lib/test/regrtest.py

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 Selecting tests
--r/--random     -- randomize test execution order (see below)
+-r/--randomize  -- randomize test execution order (see below)
    --randseed   -- pass a random seed to reproduce a previous random run
 -f/--fromfile   -- read names of tests to run from a file (see below)
 -x/--exclude    -- arguments are tests to *exclude*
         opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'hvqxsoS:rf:lu:t:TD:NLR:FdwWM:nj:Gm:',
             ['help', 'verbose', 'verbose2', 'verbose3', 'quiet',
-             'exclude', 'single', 'slow', 'random', 'fromfile', 'findleaks',
+             'exclude', 'single', 'slow', 'randomize', 'fromfile=', 'findleaks',
              'use=', 'threshold=', 'coverdir=', 'nocoverdir',
              'runleaks', 'huntrleaks=', 'memlimit=', 'randseed=',
              'multiprocess=', 'coverage', 'slaveargs=', 'forever', 'debug',
              'start=', 'nowindows', 'header', 'testdir=', 'timeout=', 'wait',
-             'failfast', 'match'])
+             'failfast', 'match='])
     except getopt.error as msg:

File Misc/NEWS

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+- Issue #15324: Fix regrtest parsing of --fromfile, --match, and --randomize
+  options.
 - Issue #16664: Add regression tests for glob's behaviour concerning entries
   starting with a ".".  Patch by Sebastian Kreft.