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Fix issue # 15033 - Return the proper exitcode for failure when modules are invoked using -m switch. Patch contributed by Jeff Knupp

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                     self._check_output(script_name, rc, out,
                                       script_name, script_name, '', '')
+    def test_dash_m_error_code_is_one(self):
+        # If a module is invoked with the -m command line flag
+        # and results in an error that the return code to the
+        # shell is '1'
+        with temp_dir() as script_dir:
+            with support.temp_cwd(path=script_dir):
+                pkg_dir = os.path.join(script_dir, 'test_pkg')
+                make_pkg(pkg_dir)
+                script_name = _make_test_script(pkg_dir, 'other',
+                                                "if __name__ == '__main__': raise ValueError")
+                rc, out, err = assert_python_failure('-m', 'test_pkg.other', *example_args)
+                if verbose > 1:
+                    print(out)
+                self.assertEqual(rc, 1)
 def test_main():
 Core and Builtins
+- Issue #15033: Fix the exit status bug when modules invoked using -m swith,
+  return the proper failure return value (1). Patch contributed by Jeff Knupp.
 - Issue #12268: File readline, readlines and read() or readall() methods
   no longer lose data when an underlying read system call is interrupted.
   IOError is no longer raised due to a read system call returning EINTR
         sts = run_command(command, &cf);
     } else if (module) {
-        sts = RunModule(module, 1);
+        sts = (RunModule(module, 1) != 0);
     else {
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