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Python Misc subdirectory

This directory contains files that wouldn't fit in elsewhere, in
particular the UNIX manual page, an Emacs mode for Python source code,
and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers).

Files found here

ACKS		Acknowledgements
AIX-NOTES	Notes for building Python on AIX
BLURB		A quick description of Python for newcomers
BLURB.LUTZ	A testimonial from a converted Tcl/Perl hacker :-)
COPYING		The GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE (needed because of autoconf)
COPYRIGHT	The Python copyright notice
FAQ		Frequently Asked Questions about Python (and answers)
Fixcprt.py	Fix the copyright message (a yearly chore :-)
HISTORY		News from previous releases -- oldest last
HPUX-NOTES	Notes about dynamic loading under HP-UX
HYPE		More hype about Python
Makefile	Used for administrative chores like cleaning up
NEWS		News for this release
README		The file you're reading now
RFD		Request For Discussion about a Python newsgroup
cheatsheet	Quick summary of Python by Ken Mannheimer
dlMakefile	Generic Makefile for dynamically loadable modules by Ken M.
fixfuncptrs.sh	Shell script to fix function pointer initializers
indent.pro	GNU indent profile approximating my C style (by Steen Lumholt)
python-mode.el	Emacs mode for editing Python programs (thanks, Tim!)
python.gif	4-level grayscale image of a Python snake
python.man	UNIX man page for the python interpreter
renumber.py	Script to renumber the sections in the FAQ