cpython / Mac / Relnotes

Changes in 2.2.2 since 2.2.1

These release notes refer to Mac-specific changes only. See NEWS (in the Misc folder)
for machine-independent changes. 

- The installer is now based on VISE 8.0, and should work fine on MacOSX.
- A problem with Python randomly refusing to run on OSX, presenting only
  a window with <<terminated>> in the title, has been solved.
- A Jaguar problem with AppleEvent errors being ignored has been fixed.
Known problems

This list is probably incomplete, more problems may be listed on the MacPython homepage,

- Tkinter does not work under Carbon.
- The IDE and Tkinter do not work together. Run tkinter programs under PythonInterpreter.
- Tkinter file events do not work, unless you have opened the file through Tcl (but then
  you cannot access it from Python).
- Aliases may not work in sys.path entries.
- PythonInterpreter used interactively will eat a lot of processor cycles. You should use
  PythonIDE for interactive work and PythonInterpreter for scripts only. This is especially
  true under OSX.
- AliasMenu 2.2 conflicts with the Carbon version of Python. This is most likely a problem
  with AliasMenu (which is from 1999, and thus predates Carbon altogether).