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cpython / Tools / README

This directory contains a number of Python programs that are useful
while building or extending Python.

buildbot        Batchfiles for running on Windows buildslaves.

ccbench         A Python concurrency benchmark.

demo            Several Python programming demos.

freeze          Create a stand-alone executable from a Python program.

gdb             Python code to be run inside gdb, to make it easier to
                debug Python itself (by David Malcolm).

i18n            Tools for internationalization. pygettext.py
                parses Python source code and generates .pot files,
                and msgfmt.py generates a binary message catalog
                from a catalog in text format.

iobench         Benchmark for the new Python I/O system.

msi             Support for packaging Python as an MSI package on Windows.

parser          Un-parsing tool to generate code from an AST.

pybench         Comprehensive Python benchmarking suite.

pynche          A Tkinter-based color editor.

scripts         A number of useful single-file programs, e.g. tabnanny.py
                by Tim Peters, which checks for inconsistent mixing of
                tabs and spaces, and 2to3, which converts Python 2 code
                to Python 3 code.

test2to3        A demonstration of how to use 2to3 transparently in setup.py.

unicode         Tools for generating unicodedata and codecs from unicode.org
                and other mapping files (by Fredrik Lundh, Marc-Andre Lemburg
                and Martin von Loewis).

unittestgui     A Tkinter based GUI test runner for unittest, with test

world           Script to take a list of Internet addresses and print
                out where in the world those addresses originate from,
                based on the top-level domain country code found in
                the address.