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Building a MacPython distribution

The ```` script creates MacPython distributions, including
sleepycat db4, sqlite3 and readline support.  It builds a complete 
framework-based Python out-of-tree, installs it in a funny place with 
$DESTROOT, massages that installation to remove .pyc files and such, creates 
an Installer package from the installation plus other files in ``resources`` 
and ``scripts`` and placed that on a ``.dmg`` disk image.


* A MacOS X 10.4 (or later)

* XCode 2.2 (or later), with the universal SDK

* No Fink (in ``/sw``) or DarwinPorts (in ``/opt/local``), those could
  interfere with the build.

* The documentation for the release must be available on
  because it is included in the installer.

The Recipe

Here are the steps you need to follow to build a MacPython installer:

*  Run ``./``. Optionally you can pass a number of arguments
   to specify locations of various files. Please see the top of
  ```` for its usage.

  Running this script takes some time, I will not only build Python itself
  but also some 3th-party libraries that are needed for extensions.

* When done the script will tell you where the DMG image is (by default
  somewhere in ``/tmp/_py``).


The resulting binaries should work on MacOSX 10.3.9 or later. I usually run
the installer on a 10.3.9, a 10.4.x PPC and a 10.4.x Intel system and then
run the testsuite to make sure.


(This is mostly of historic interest)

When all is done, announcements can be posted to at least the following
- (userid
- (userid jackjansen)

Also, check out Stephan Deibels contact list