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Added extra notes for AIX and SCO.

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 	don't match the system headers on some Linux versions.
 AIX:	Read the files Misc/AIX-NOTES* before trying to build.
+	WARNING!  In some versions of AIX, you get errors about
+	Invalid Indent when running the Python test set.  This appears
+	to be a bug in the AIX compiler.  Rebuild Parser/tokenizer.c
+	using OPT="" or OPT=-g, or use gcc.
 HP-UX:	Read the file Misc/HPUX-NOTES if you want to be able to
 	use shared libraries for dynamically loaded modules.
 		LIBS=' -lsocket -lcrypt_i'
+	3) According to at least one report, the above apply only to
+	SCO 3 -- Python builds out of the box on SCO 5.
 Configuring the set of built-in modules