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This is an ALPHA release of Python 1.0 for UNIX.  Currently it builds
a rather minimal executable and requires that you already have Python
0.9.9 (or at least its library).

Instructions for building:

(1) Run the configure shell script:


This may take a minute or two -- it does a rather thorough
investigation of your system to find out many compile-time flags.  It
prints messages but does not ask questions.  When finished, it will
create config.status in the current directory, as well as Makefile in
each of the subdirectories Parser, Objects and Python.  Note that
unless you have the CC shell environment variable set to the name of
your C compiler, it will attempt to find the GNU C compiler (gcc) and
use it if it finds it.  On some systems a broken gcc may be installed;
put CC=cc in the environment to override it.  On some systems it may
be interesting to compare both compilers.  (Note: the Makefile has
been rigged in such a way that it will run configure if you haven't
done so.)

(2) Run Make:


This will recursively run Make in each of the Parser, Grammar, Objects
and Python subdirectories.  In Parser it builds an executable "pgen"
and a library libParser.a.  In Grammar it runs Parser/pgen to generate
graminit.[ch] which are copied to Includes and Python, respectively.
In Objects it builds a library libObjects.a.  In Python it builds a
library libPython.a and an executable "python".

(3) Test the resulting executable:

	Python/python -c 'import testall'

For now, this will assume that you have a working version of Python
release 0.9.9 installed in /usr/local (it uses the Python library from
/usr/local/lib/python) or that your PYTHONPATH shell environment
variable points to the 0.9.9 Python library.

(4) Optionally: read Extensions/README and try to build a Python with
all the  extensions that make sense on your system.  (Note: some
extensions are not supported yet.)

(5) Give feedback:

	Mail guido@cwi.nl

Please tell me whether the build succeeded or not.  If you needed to
edit *any* file, tell me which file, why and how (send me a diff or a
copy of the modified file if you can).  If you get stuck, please send
me the error output.  Don't forget to mention the operating system,
compiler and hardware version that you used, e.g. "Solaris 2.2 with
gcc version cygnus-2.0.2 on a dual processor Sparcstation 10" or "IRIX
5.1 with standard cc on an Indigo XS-24 with R4000 CPU".  If you can
build the core interpreter but get stuck building an extended version,
let me know which extensions gave problems and how.

--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <Guido.van.Rossum@cwi.nl>
URL:  <http://www.cwi.nl/cwi/people/Guido.van.Rossum.html>