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fix some typos in Doc/c-api/memoryview.rst

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    Create a memoryview object from an object that provides the buffer interface.
    If *obj* supports writable buffer exports, the memoryview object will be
-   readable and writable, other it will be read-only.
+   readable and writable, otherwise it will be read-only.
 .. c:function:: PyObject *PyMemoryView_FromBuffer(Py_buffer *view)
    Create a memoryview object to a contiguous chunk of memory (in either
    'C' or 'F'ortran *order*) from an object that defines the buffer
    interface. If memory is contiguous, the memoryview object points to the
-   original memory. Otherwise copy is made and the memoryview points to a
+   original memory. Otherwise, a copy is made and the memoryview points to a
    new bytes object.