Anonymous committed 5336c03

Get rid of some obsolete modules:
- environment.c (we now have os.putenv)
- sybase (a better one is in contrib/Databases/Sybase.*)
- objc.c (incomplete and unsupportable by us)

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 #new newmodule.c
-# John Redford's sybase module (requires sybase):
-# (Unfortunately this code is orphaned.  Read the source for documentation.)
-#sybase sybasemodule.c
 # Generic (SunOS / SVR4) dynamic loading module.
 # This is not needed for dynamic loading of Python modules --
 # it is a highly experimental and dangerous device for calling
-# Andy Bensky's "environment" module (contains putenv())
-#environment environment.c
 # David Wayne Williams' soundex module
 #soundex soundex.c
-# Objective-C (incomplete!!!)
 # Helper module for various ascii-encoders
 binascii binascii.c
-# Fred Drake's interface to the Python parser.
-# (Not enabled by default because it is big and doesn't compile with
-# cc on SunOS 4.1.3)
-#parser parsermodule.c
+# Fred Drake's interface to the Python parser
+parser parsermodule.c
 # Example -- included for reference only:
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