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Skip test_strtod entirely when correctly-rounded string->float isn't implemented

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 import sys
 from test import test_support
+if getattr(sys, 'float_repr_style', '') != 'short':
+    raise unittest.SkipTest('correctly-rounded string->float conversions '
+                            'not available on this system')
 # Correctly rounded str -> float in pure Python, for comparison.
 strtod_parser = re.compile(r"""    # A numeric string consists of:
-@unittest.skipUnless(getattr(sys, 'float_repr_style', '') == 'short',
-                     "applies only when using short float repr style")
 class StrtodTests(unittest.TestCase):
     def check_strtod(self, s):
         """Compare the result of Python's builtin correctly rounded
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