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:mod:`md5` --- MD5 message digest algorithm

This module implements the interface to RSA's MD5 message digest algorithm (see also Internet RFC 1321). Its use is quite straightforward: use :func:`new` to create an md5 object. You can now feed this object with arbitrary strings using the :meth:`update` method, and at any point you can ask it for the :dfn:`digest` (a strong kind of 128-bit checksum, a.k.a. "fingerprint") of the concatenation of the strings fed to it so far using the :meth:`digest` method.

For example, to obtain the digest of the string 'Nobody inspects the spammish repetition':

>>> import md5
>>> m =
>>> m.update("Nobody inspects")
>>> m.update(" the spammish repetition")
>>> m.digest()

More condensed:

>>>"Nobody inspects the spammish repetition").digest()

The following values are provided as constants in the module and as attributes of the md5 objects returned by :func:`new`:

The md5 module provides the following functions:

An md5 object has the following methods: