Ezio Melotti committed 72aaeb8 Draft

Remove unused import and clean up whitespace.

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 pretxnchangegroup.checkheads = python:/home/hg/repos/hooks/
-from collections import defaultdict
 from mercurial.node import bin, nullrev
 from mercurial import util
     newcsets = range(start, end)
     # The rev numbers of the changegroup parents (not in the changegroup)
     parents = set()
     for n in newcsets:
         for p in changelog.parentrevs(n):
             if p == nullrev:
             ui.warn('* Please run "hg pull" and then merge at least two of:\n')
             ui.warn('* ' + ', '.join(str(repo[h]) for h in pheads) + '\n')
             return True
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