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Backporting is obsolete. Add details that I had to learn.
(Loading project files otherwise generates an error/warning with Express.)

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-Different branches are used at a time to represent different *minor versions*
-in which development is made.  All development should be done **first** in the
-:ref:`in-development <indevbranch>` branch, and selectively backported
-to other branches when necessary.
+There is a branch for each *minor version*. Development is done separately
+for Python 2 and Python 3. For each *major version*, each change should be made
+**first** in the oldest branch to which it applies and forward-ported as
 .. _indevbranch:
 If you have push rights, you need to configure Mercurial to work with
 your SSH keys.  For that, open your Mercurial configuration file
-(you can do so by opening the TortoiseHg configuration dialog and then
-clicking *"Edit File"*).  In the ``[ui]`` section, add the following line::
+(you can do so by opening the TortoiseHg Global Settings dialog and then
+clicking *"Edit File"*).  If there is no ``[ui]`` section, create it by
+typing just that on a line by itself. Then add the following line::
    ssh = TortoisePlink.exe -ssh -2 -C -i C:\path\to\yourkey.ppk
 is sufficient. Its limitations are given at .
-To build from the Visual Studio GUI, load the project files and press F7. Make
-sure you have chosen the "Debug" build first.
+To build from the Visual Studio GUI, open pcbuild.sln to load the project
+files and press F7. Make sure you have chosen the "Debug" build first.
 Once built you might want to set Python as a startup project. Pressing F5 in
 Visual Studio will launch the interpreter.