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Welcome to Jython 2.2b1

This is the first beta release towards the 2.2 version of Jython. It
contains all of the new features for the 2.2 release:
 - new-style classes
 - Java List integration
 - a PEP 302 implementation
 - iterators
 - generators
 - __future__ division
 - support for running on modern JVMs
 - a new installer

In addition to these major features, scads of bugs have been fixed
since 2.2a1.  See the NEWS file for a more complete list of changes.

The release was compiled on OS X with a 1.5 JDK but it should run on

This release exists to solicit feedback about any bugs or missing
features; if you can provide it, it is greatly appreciated.  Bug
reports can be created at http://jython.org/bugs whereas more general
questions can be sent to the Jython-dev mailing list,

The current plan calls for a second beta release with several known
CPython compatibility issues and bugs fixed, and then a progression of
as few release candidates as possible to create a stable Jython 2.2.
Once the second beta is created, the bar will be set even higher for
changes, so now is the best time to send in bugs and patches.