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jython-fullhistory / ACKNOWLEDGMENTS

Copyright Š Corporation for National Research Initiatives

    Jim Hugunin invented JPython and was the primary developer while
    he was at CNRI.  In February 1999, Jim left CNRI for sunny
    California and Barry Warsaw became the primary maintainer.  Jim
    continues to provide valuable assistance, as does Python's
    inventor Guido van Rossum.

    You can contact the Jython maintainers directly via
    jython-dev@lists.sourceforge.net, or the Jython community at

    Finn Bock has been a frequent and valuable contributor to the
    JPython-interest@python.org mailing list, and has provided bug
    fixes and these important modules:


    Harry Mantakos contributed the underlying md5 implementation.

    The SHA1 implementation is taken from cryptix.

    Samuele Pedroni have designed and implemented the improved 
    PackageManagers and fixed a lot of bugs.

    A huge thanks goes to all the members of the jpython-interest
    mailing list.  Other folks who have contributed to JPython in ways
    large and small, in no particular order:

    Greg Ward
    Tony Plate
    Jim Althoff
    Drew Morrissey
    John Mudd
    Bryn Keller
    Tim Hochberg
    Bernhard Bablok
    Dj Walker-Morgan

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