Anonymous avatar Anonymous committed e73f3a0

Prepare for the release of 2.3.2.

Remove the Wise "Progress Message" when compiling Python files to pyc,
the DOS box is message enough.

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 Document Type: WSE
 item: Global
-  Title=Python 2.3.2c1
+  Title=Python 2.3.2
   Languages=65 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
   Japanese Font Name=MS Gothic
   Patch Memory=4000
   MIF PDF Version=1.0
   MIF SMS Version=2.0
-  EXE Filename=Python-2.3.2c1.exe
+  EXE Filename=Python-2.3.2.exe
   Dialogs Version=8
-  Version File=2.3.2c1
+  Version File=2.3.2
   Version Description=Python Programming Language
   Version Copyright=Š2001-2003 Python Software Foundation
   Version Company=PythonLabs at Zope Corporation
 item: Set Variable
-  Value=2.3.2c1
+  Value=2.3.2
 item: Remark
-item: Custom Script Item
-  Filename=Display Progress Message.wse
-  Variable Name1=_CENTER_
-  Variable Value1=AB
-  Variable Name2=_WIDTH_
-  Variable Value2=320
-  Variable Name3=_MSG_TITLE_
-  Variable Value3=Compiling Python files
-  Variable Name4=HELPFILE
-  Variable Value4=C:\Programme\Wise for Windows Installer\HELP\Express.chm
-  Variable Name5=_OPTION_
-  Variable Value5=B
-  Variable Name6=_HEIGHT_
-  Variable Value6=80
-  Variable Name7=_MSG_TEXT_
-  Variable Value7=Please wait while Python modules are compiled
-  Variable Name8=_Y_POS_
-  Variable Name9=_X_POS_
 item: Execute Program
   Command Line=%MAINDIR%\Lib\ -f -x .*\\Lib\\test.* %MAINDIR%\Lib
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