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This directory contains files for the RISC OS port of Python.
For more information about RISC OS see .

This port is currently being maintained by Dietmar Schwertberger, .

On you may find compiled versions and libraries
as well as RISC OS specific documentation and extensions.


1. Extract Files from archive directory 'Python-...' to a directory named
2. Use a tool like Rename to change filenames from '*/[ch]' into '[ch].*'.
3. Create missing directories with 'amu cdirs'.
4. Build with 'amu'.

I've only tested Acorn/Norcroft C/C++ 5.30 and amu.

Python now uses the 32 bit libraries from Pace as well as the 32 bit
version of OSLib.

You will also need some additional libraries:

  DLK (patched version)
  zlib (optional)
  expat (optional)
    (makefile and config.h available from