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The branch 'legacy-trunk' does not exist.
This is the Python 1.5.2b1 plugin development distribution. It should be loaded
on top of a 1.5.2b1 binary distribution and enables you to create plugin modules
without having a full source distribution available. The contents of folders
whose names start with INTO should be merged into the corresponding folders.

If you have installed this development distribution as an option during the normal
install sequence the steps above have already been taken care of for you by the

One example project is included, PlugIns:xx.prj

More information can be found in the following files:

Mac:ReadMe				ReadMe file for the normal (binary) distribution
Relnotes				Release notes, listing changes from previous releases
Readmefiles				Readme files as supplied by Guido (platform independent changes)
Mac:Demo:building.html	Instructions for building Python, folder structure, etc.

This distribution usually lives somewhere under http://www.cwi.nl/~jack/macpython.html
or ftp://ftp.cwi.nl/pub/jack/python/mac.

	Jack Jansen, <jack@cwi.nl>, 27-Apr-98