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:mod:`dumbdbm` --- Portable DBM implementation


The :mod:`dumbdbm` module has been renamed to :mod:`dbm.dumb` in Python 3.0. The :term:`2to3` tool will automatically adapt imports when converting your sources to 3.0.


The :mod:`dumbdbm` module is intended as a last resort fallback for the :mod:`anydbm` module when no more robust module is available. The :mod:`dumbdbm` module is not written for speed and is not nearly as heavily used as the other database modules.

The :mod:`dumbdbm` module provides a persistent dictionary-like interface which is written entirely in Python. Unlike other modules such as :mod:`gdbm` and :mod:`bsddb`, no external library is required. As with other persistent mappings, the keys and values must always be strings.

The module defines the following:

Dumbdbm Objects

In addition to the methods provided by the :class:`UserDict.DictMixin` class, :class:`dumbdbm` objects provide the following methods.