Frank Wierzbicki avatar Frank Wierzbicki committed 6a58525 Draft

_hashlib will support sha224 in a future JDK with it. Update test_support.

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 import contextlib
 import errno
+import functools
 import socket
 import sys
 import os
 import unittest
 import importlib
 import re
+    import thread
+except ImportError:
+    thread = None
 __all__ = ["Error", "TestFailed", "ResourceDenied", "import_module",
            "verbose", "use_resources", "max_memuse", "record_original_stdout",


     public static PyObject openssl_sha224(PyObject obj) {
-        //FIXME: WRONG!
-        return new$("sha256", obj);
-        //return new$("sha224", obj);
+        return new$("sha224", obj);
     public static PyObject openssl_sha256() {
         private static final Map<String, Integer> blockSizes = new HashMap<String, Integer>() {{
                 put("md5", 64);
                 put("sha-1", 64);
-                //put("sha-224", 64);
+                put("sha-224", 64);
                 put("sha-256", 64);
                 put("sha-384", 128);
                 put("sha-512", 128);
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