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reference the new Documenting Python section within devguide

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 appreciated with the documentation, and it requires little programming
 experience (with or without Python).
-`Documenting Python`_ covers the details of how Python's documentation works.
+:doc:`Documenting Python <documenting>` covers the details of how Python's documentation works.
 It includes an explanation of the markup used (although you can figure a lot
 out simply by looking at pre-existing documentation) and how to build the
 documentation (which allows you to see how your changes will look along with
 <>`_ which discusses the
 documentation toolchain, projects, standards, etc.
-.. _Documenting Python:
 Helping with issues filed on the issue tracker
+   documenting
 test seems impacted by your changes, because there might be interferences
 unknown to you between your changes and some other part of the interpreter.
-Fifth, proper `documentation <>`_
+Fifth, proper :doc:`documentation <documenting>`
 additions/changes should be included.
 Sixth, if you are not already in the ``Misc/ACKS`` file then add your name. If