Anonymous committed b3c3640

Backport 42932:

Try to be a bit more consistent on all platforms:
python .
python < .

both print a message, return non-zero and do not core dump.
This hopefully fixes the failure on Solaris.

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         return[sys.executable, cmd_line], stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
     def test_directories(self):
-         if sys.platform == 'win32':
-             # Exit code for "python .", Error 13: permission denied = 2
-             expected_exit_code = 2
-         else:
-             # Linux has no problem with "python .", Exit code = 0
-             expected_exit_code = 0
-         self.assertEqual(self.exit_code('.'), expected_exit_code)
-         self.assertTrue(self.exit_code('< .') != 0)
+        self.assertNotEqual(self.exit_code('.'), 0)
+        self.assertNotEqual(self.exit_code('< .'), 0)
     def verify_valid_flag(self, cmd_line):
         data = self.start_python(cmd_line)
 				struct stat sb;
 				if (fstat(fileno(fp), &sb) == 0 &&
 				    S_ISDIR(sb.st_mode)) {
-					fprintf(stderr, "%s: warning '%s' is a directory\n", argv[0], filename);
+					fprintf(stderr, "%s: '%s' is a directory, cannot continue\n", argv[0], filename);
+					return 1;
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