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Python 3.0 Release Notes

These release notes describe unfinished work, or important notes that Python
3.0 adopters need to be aware of.  This is not a complete list of changes for
Python 3.0 -- for that, see Misc/NEWS.

Please report bugs to http://bugs.python.org/

The list of all known open issues for Python 3.0 can be found here:


Additional notes for Python 3.0 final

* The bsddb3 package has been removed from the standard library.  It is
  available as a separate distutils based package from the Python Cheeseshop.
  If you need bsddb3 support in Python 3.0, you can find it here:


* The email package needs quite a bit of work to make it consistent with
  respect to bytes and strings.  There have been discussions on
  email-sig@python.org about where to go with the email package for Python
  3.0, but this was not resolved in time for 3.0 final.  With enough care
  though, the email package in Python 3.0 should be about as usable as it is
  with Python 2.