sandbox/raymondh / test_diff /

import itertools
import os
import pprint
import glob
import sys

verbose = False

def test(f1, f2, n):
    filt = " | egrep '^[*\-]+ .*[*\-]+$' > a.tmp"
    cmds = [
        "diff -C {n} {f1} {f2}" + filt,
        sys.executable + " ~/cpython/Tools/scripts/ -l {n} -c {f1} {f2}" + filt,
    results = []
    for cmd in cmds:
        cmd = cmd.format(**locals())
        if verbose:
        with open('a.tmp') as f:
            result ='\n', '!').rstrip()
    print('{n}  {f1:14}  {f2:14}  {results!r}'.format(**locals()))
    assert results[0] == results[1]

filenames = glob.glob('*.txt')
for f1, f2 in itertools.product(filenames, repeat=2):
    for n in range(4):
        test(f1, f2, n)
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