Brett Cannon committed 5bbb3ca

Add a script which will build CPython.

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+#!/usr/bin/env python
+"""Build CPython"""
+import multiprocessing
+import os
+import subprocess
+import sys
+if sys.platform == 'win32':
+    print("See the devguide's Getting Set Up guide for building under Windows")
+directory = 'cpython'
+cwd = os.getcwd()
+    if os.path.isfile('Makefile'):
+        print('Makefile already exists; skipping ./configure')
+    else:
+        subprocess.check_call(['./configure', '--prefix=/dev/null',
+                               '--with-pydebug'])
+    make_cmd = ['make', '-s', '-j', str(multiprocessing.cpu_count())]
+    os.chdir(cwd)
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