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Defer PEP 395 until I make it compatible with PEP 420

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 Version: $Revision$
 Last-Modified: $Date$
 Author: Nick Coghlan <>
-Status: Draft
+Status: Deferred
 Type: Standards Track
 Content-Type: text/x-rst
 Created: 4-Mar-2011
-Python-Version: 3.3
+Python-Version: 3.4
 Post-History: 5-Mar-2011, 19-Nov-2011
 Relationship with Other PEPs
+Most significantly, this PEP is currently deferred as it requires
+significant changes in order to be made compatible with the removal
+of mandatory files in PEP 420 (which has been implemented
+and released in Python 3.3).
 This PEP builds on the "qualified name" concept introduced by PEP 3155, and
 also shares in that PEP's aim of fixing some ugly corner cases when dealing
 with serialisation of arbitrary functions and classes.
 explicit relative imports from the main module work correctly in at least
 *some* circumstances.
-This PEP is also affected by the two competing "namespace package" PEPs
-(PEP 382 and PEP 402). This PEP would require some minor adjustments to
-accommodate PEP 382, but has some critical incompatibilities with respect to
-the implicit namespace package mechanism proposed in PEP 402.
 Finally, PEP 328 eliminated implicit relative imports from imported modules.
 This PEP proposes that the de facto implicit relative imports from main
 modules that are provided by the current initialisation behaviour for